Key Haven


Keys for 2022 are available. On Monday February 28th 2022 the padlock on the gate will be exchanged and your current key (the key from 2021) will no longer provide access to the property. Please note the new procedures for obtaining a key on the Keys for Key Haven tab.

Key Haven is a large wooded site on a peninsula at Kerr Lake. It is available for camping, picnicking, boating, enjoying nature and privacy. It is leased from the Army Corps of Engineers by NC State University to be used by its faculty, staff, graduate students, retirees, legacy key holders and their guests. It has two picnic shelters, picnic tables, tent pads, sandy beaches, a boat ramp, privies and a locked gate.There is no drinking water or electricity. Drinking water must be brought in. Use this facility at your own risk. Pick up litter and burn or pack out all trash when you leave. Please keep the gate locked. Enjoy.