Keys for Key Haven

Keys are available to all NC State University faculty, staff, graduate students, retirees, legacy key holders and their guests. A retiree is a person who retired from NC State University and did not leave the university for any other reason.  A legacy key holder is the son or daughter, first generation only, of an NC State University retiree.

The fee for a key is $35 per calendar year. A key can be obtained at any time during the year; your membership is valid through the end of that calendar year.

Key/membership requests are to be completed online in Reporter:

Payment must be made online using a credit or debit card. You will also complete the User Agreement online. Completion of the User Agreement indicates that you have read and agreed to the terms of membership, including the User Guidelines.  Individuals found in violation of the User Guidelines may lose membership privileges.

Once your memberships is paid and you have completed the User Agreement, you may either pick up your key at the front desk of University Human Resources on the 2nd floor of Administrative Services Building II or have your key mailed to you (via campus mail for those working on campus or USPS for those who are off-campus).  If you would like to get your key via mail, please indicate your mailing address at checkout.

We also ask that you please return the previous year’s key to University Human Resources (the front desk in Admin Services II or to Campus Box 7210).